The best doughnut I’ve ever had

The best doughnut I’ve ever had was from St Johns Bakery on Druid Street. I’d seen pictures and heard about it from my aunt, who has had them before, but I’d never actually had one myself. Since I’ve leaving for Japan next week, this was my last chance to taste one.

 St Johns Bakery

I was worried that we weren’t going to get one, but there was still a full tray of them left.


These custard doughnuts are absolutely amazing. Unlike normal doughnuts, these aren’t greasy at all – very light and airy. They have a crispy outer shell that you get from deep frying, but the inside is so soft and pillowy. The custard has vanilla bean bits in it and it was so silky and creamy. After you’ve had one, because they’re so fluffy, you almost forget you’ve eaten it – like you’ve ‘inhaled’ it as my aunt says. I’m glad I only got one, but I could’ve had another!

My doughnut

Can’t wait to come back for another one next year!

The doughnuts can be bought here:

72 Druid St

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2 thoughts on “The best doughnut I’ve ever had

  1. Lena Ding on said:

    Ollie, you should visit Leonards in Honolulu, Hawaii….their malasadas are like these donuts…Ah Bee Yee Yee and I went to the shop every day and we tried all their was donut heaven!

    • Woah, I just googled Malasadas and one of the top websites was for Leonards in Honolulu!! It looks so good! Will have to go there one day just to eat those fluffy sugary things!

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