The nightmare before going on holiday = PACKING

I hate packing.

I really do hate it.
Trying to pick and choose out of the millions of things in your home which ones you’re going to take requires skill and patience.
I’m the sort of person who likes to be prepared and always takes extra things ‘just in case’, so when it comes to fitting everything I need inside a tiny little box, I get nervous.
This time round it was quite bad as I’m packing for a WHOLE YEAR and since Japan has 4 seasons, I’ve had to whack in my winter gear alongside my summer stuff.

This was the situation a few days ago – there were more piles of clothing lying about, but including it in the photo made me want to cry so I left them out as it really emphasized how much I had to cut down on what to bring.

In the middle of packing

But this is what it looks like now. TA-DAH!

Yeah, all done!

Over the years I’ve learnt how to pack properly by observing my mum, who really knows how to squish things down and smooshes them into the corners of the suitcase to maximise space.
But I’ve done it all by myself this time!

I’m more or less packed now, just daily toiletries and my electronics need to be packed but other than that I’m good to go!

After yesterdays blog, I went and bought 1kg worth of prunes as a substitute for the lack of fruit and veg I won’t be consuming in Japan. Also in my suitcase I packed my grandfather’s homemade chilli sauce – the only thing I need to stop me feeling homesick.

I feel so relieved that I’ve finished packing as for me that’s the worst part about going on a trip whether it’s abroad or to a friend’s house. Anybody else feel the same way? Or am I the only one who hates packing? Hahaha

I’ll be on the plane in 22hrs! What..?

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2 thoughts on “The nightmare before going on holiday = PACKING

  1. You have to be prepared for all eventualities!….like Nicholas, he takes plaster(s) to school incase he needs them!….so there you are not the only one but the sensible one. This does not apply to N.

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