Touchdown in Tokyo

After nearly 24hrs of travelling, I’ve finally arrived in Tokyo!!


The flight was fine and there was hardly any turbulence so all in all it was a pleasant journey. Immigration was pretty swift as well and I’ve now got my residence card so things are looking good!



As we’re students and on a budget we took the cheapest route to the youth hostel that we’re staying at, which is in Nakano (west Tokyo). We’re going to be here for about 10 days before we can move into our university halls of residence so that’s enough time for us to get over jet lag, do some touristy things and revise for the placement test.


It is so humid and hot here compared to London, and the fact I was wearing all my winter gear (because it wouldn’t fit in my suitcase) just made the journey from the airport to the youth hostel almost unbearable. But we’re here now!

So after checking in at the hostel, we had a shower and then went to eat. We picked a restaurant that does cheap noodles. I went for a simple udon with some fried shrimp/onion topping which cost me 390yen, which is about £3?


Omar went for the curry udon which was pretty tasty (I had a few spoonfuls hehe)


We then headed to the local supermarket to stock up on goodies such as yakult and some fruit. They have some interesting food there and we spotted some octopus tentacles that were so big and looked really meaty. Maybe one day when I’m feeling brave I’ll get some and cook it!DSCF0168

Also I found some pikachu fish cakes further down the aisle…


After this we continued to walk along the main high street and spotted the main plaza which has this beautiful clock in the middle of it. We sat there for a while and just observed the traffic and people.




It’s been a long day and we’re both shattered but I’m doing my best to stay up for at least another 2 hrs to try and get over the jet lag. Tomorrow we’re going to explore more of Nakano and I’ll be taking more photos for Sunday’s blog!

Missing London already but I think I’ll get used to it here soon.

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