Taking it easy – Days 4-6 in Tokyo

Apologies for the lack of posts, but it’s been fairly quiet here and I haven’t been up to much. First of all there was typhoon Man-yi that swept across Japan, which didn’t really pass by Nakano, but to be on the safe side we mostly stayed in doors on our 3rd/4th days here. The rain was pretty heavy and unpredictable so we decided to only risk it for a biscuit (quite literally) when I got hungry, which was every few hours…

In between studying we’ve been going walking everywhere and I now know where the cheapest supermarkets are and roughly how much things cost. My favourite past time is going into supermarkets and observing all the weird and wonderful things that you can buy, but not actually getting anything unless it’s in the sale – typical asian motto.

Loving the Halloween treats available!

Loving the Halloween treats available!

The most exciting thing that happened during these past few days was the hostel dinner event that occurs every Tuesday evening. Last night it was a Yakitori (grilled chicken) dinner where you pay 500 yen and you can eat to your hearts content while talking to everyone who is staying in the hostel, as well as those working there.


I had a go at trying to cook some sticks but in the end one of the ladies working for the hostel cooked them all for us. It was a great night and I wish we were here for next week’s dinner which is going to be yakisoba!

Cooking my yakitori

Cooking my yakitori

Today, we went to Koenji which is the next station along the Chuo line from Nakano heading west. It was a 30 min walk but it felt much longer as it was pretty hot. There are numerous parks and shrines in this town and it had a really laid back vibe, unlike Nakano which is constantly buzzing.


Koenji is full of second hand shops so it’s great if you want to pick up something vintage- event though it’s not cheap I plan to head back here after I’ve settled in to Hitotsubashi as it’s a nice place to walk around.

Tomorrow we’re going to head south and see what’s going on there, as well as fit in some more studying and food shopping.Will keep you all updated when something interesting happens!

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3 thoughts on “Taking it easy – Days 4-6 in Tokyo

  1. Seeing those pumpkin Kit Kats got me so excited for my upcoming Japan trip. Is there much Halloween decorations up?

    • Not a lot of decorations yet but there is a lot of Halloween inspired food already up for sale, like Pocky and other biscuits. I get so hungry every time I walk past these goodies!

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