Shinjuku Meet up, Mobile phone & Inkan – Days 7/8

Today was by far the most eventful and busiest day that I’ve experienced since arriving here a week ago. Before delving into today’s events, here is a photo from yesterday’s outing where we went to explore the north-east side of Nakano and found this historical park. We didn’t really do much else yesterday apart from walking around for a few hours.


However, today was a completely different story. It started off with meeting up with our friend Ana near the east exit of Shinjuku station.


For lunch we popped into Cafe Gusto which does western food and I had a hamburger/egg/croquet & veggie dish which was pretty good for 418 yen. It was a nice change to have something more familiar but I don’t think I’ll be going back there anytime soon since there are too many Japanese dishes to try!


Feeling satisfied we went to shopping to get an ‘Inkan’, which is a seal used instead of signatures. Apparently it is needed for setting up a bank account here, which is what I’ll be doing next week so this was a good opportunity to get one. Since my name can’t be written in Kanji we got our own personal ones made.


Ruu = Lue

I absolutely love it and I want to stamp everything with my ‘Inkan’ and I got the opportunity to do that when I got my mobile phone!


This has been a real problem, deciding what kind of phone to get. In the end I got the standard pre-paid phone that most foreigners get especially as it’s good for one year only. It is the most basic phone ever – I can only call, text and send emails to other people on the same network – but it does what a phone should do. I love how it’s a flippy phone but I know I’m going to be spending a lot of time trying to work things out since it’s all in Japanese!

Stationery at Takashimaya

Stationery at Takashimaya

That was it for today, but I’ll keep you all posted on anything good that comes up. Thank you so much for meeting up with us today, Ana san! It was lovely to see you!

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5 thoughts on “Shinjuku Meet up, Mobile phone & Inkan – Days 7/8

  1. Lovely to see you too! I missed you so much!

  2. Flip phone??,….just like mummy’s !….

  3. Hi there. I found your blog via ImJapan. Looking forward to reading about your adventure in Japan. It looks like still warm in Tokyo! London is getting much more autumny. (^-^)

    • Thank you for following! 🙂 Yes it’s still pretty warm here but not as humid compared to when I arrived here over a week ago. I miss the coolness of London though!

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