Last few days in Nakano – Days 9-11

These past few days have been pretty uneventful but fun nevertheless. I’ve been doing various bits and bobs in preparation for moving into halls (tomorrow) while enjoying our remaining time here in Nakano and in Shinjuku. Here are some snapshots of some of the interesting things I’ve seen;

£10 grapes in the food hall of Takashimaya!!

£10 grapes in the food hall of Takashimaya!!

I had Mos Burger for the first time yesterday. I know it’s just a burger but Omar wanted to try it (bucket list) and I thought, why not? It was pretty good I have to say but a bit too small for me 😦


The Mos burger

 There’s a really small park called Okubo Park located in the northern part of Shinjuku where we decided to spend some time after our burgers. It was a really nice place where you can sit down, get some food from the stalls, and enjoy the live music for free!

Concert in Okubo Park

Concert in Okubo Park

I’m always on the look out for new and interesting flavours of the usual biscuits you can get, like Green Tea Pocky etc. I found this in a Family Mart, it made me laugh.

Star Wars Pocky and Weird Peach guy Pocky

Star Wars Pocky and Weird Peach guy Pocky

There was even a boy band performing just outside one of the exits of Shinjuku station. They reminded me of the Backstreet Boys.


We leave tomorrow morning at 8am to move into our halls at Hitotsubashi Gakuen. I’m ready for this next stage of my stay in Japan, I think… I’ll keep you posted!

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2 thoughts on “Last few days in Nakano – Days 9-11

  1. Good luck and hooe you and Omar have settled in by now. What is a Mos burger? ….it does look little small and i am sure it wouldnt have been enough for Nic!…but on the other hand all nice things come in small packages!
    Wow to the grapes!….a Japanese friend from music said her mum was so taken aback that fruits are so cheap in London when she came for 8 weeks during the summer. She was very happy to have missed the humidity in Japan too.
    At least u have the sunshine there while we are in the ‘grey’ autumn feeling………

  2. ALL burgers would be small for you Olivia – I don’t know where they all go! 😮 I really love the weird Peach Guy Pocky – totally trying that when I go back! 🙂 Hope you can move in swiftly and easily! 🙂

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