Welcome to Hitotsubashi University – Days 12-14

Firstly I would like to apologize for the lack of posting, I have only just signed up for internet after being without it for 3 days but in addition to getting wifi, I am finally a student at Hitotsubashi University!!

I moved into halls on Thursday 24th and ever since then my days have been jam packed with orientations and filling in SO many forms, but things are looking really good. Upon entering my dorm, I was surprised by the wide common space and it is a really nice, clean living area. My room is pretty small but very homely and I’ve got a nice view of the courtyard from my balcony.

My room

My room

Communal common space

Communal area, Kitchen etc.

Since we didn’t bring any bedding, we went to IKEA after unpacking our clothes. I love IKEA and everything is exactly the same as the one back home, but just full of Japanese people instead.


After successfully buying our bedding, we headed back and continued to unpack and sort ourselves out. That evening we had a welcome party dinner where I had sushi for the first time since arriving in Japan, and boy was it good!

Me and the other 2 guys from my university

Omar, me and Anton – we are the only 3 from my university in London (SOAS)

It was a great evening and we got to meet all the other exchange students. Not all of them are undergraduate students nor are they here to study Japanese, some are studying Business Management and some are just here to do research.


The day after we had a placement test but before that we were taken out to have lunch by some students. I had a mackerel set lunch for only 680 yen and it was delicious!


Anton is too tall for the average door frame in Japan

Anton is too tall for the average door frame in Japan

Today there were more forms to fill in (signing up for the national health insurance scheme etc.) but since the application process was so quick, Omar and I decided to go on a hunt for a bicycle. If we were to commute everyday to the main university campus it would cost us at least £4 a day which is rather extortionate. So we decided that getting a bicycle was the best option and we found this lady who is renting out bicycles for only 2000 yen per year! That’s only £15!! Absolute bargain!

Me and my bike!

Me and my bike!

Most of the bikes have baskets at the front and are called Mama Chari bikes – these basket-bikes are normally ridden by old ladies and mothers but I like them as they’re practical.

Tomorrow we have more orientations and I find out which Japanese level I’ll be put into for the year. I’ll definitely be posting more now since I have super duper high speed wifi!

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5 thoughts on “Welcome to Hitotsubashi University – Days 12-14

  1. I remember when I started college, this must be such an exciting time for you! Your room looks very nice and clean, much nicer than some of the dorm rooms at the college I went to!

  2. Thuy anh on said:

    Hi olivia, I am going exchange to hitotsubashi soon as well. Is it possible that I ask you something regarding the cost of living in Japan? Thank you so much

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