Japanese food cookery class – Day 18

It was officially the first day of classes today but none of the courses I want to take had any lectures on, so I had a day off!
But in the evening we had a Japanese cookery class where we were shown how to make sushi and a mochi dessert.

We started off by making sushi rolls where we all made one each, then cut them up into 6 pieces so we could all try each others handiwork.



Nga went first and I have to say that her sushi was the most profession looking.



Michael went next, followed by Philipp.



Our sushi all together.


After we scoffed these down, we continued on to make our mochi, which we had with some sweet adzuki beans and some Kinako flour mixed with some black sugar (?).



We had to roll the mochi mixture into balls which took a long time.


To cook the mochi you put them into a big bowl of water and when it’s cooked it floats to the surface. We had to share the pot with another table and there was a lot of fighting as the mochi kept floating around in the bowl so it was hard to distinguish whose mochi belonged to which group.


I really like this dessert but it definitely fills you up and my mouth started to ache a bit after all that chewing.


All in all it was another great event held at Hitotsubashi! Thank you to everyone for putting on such a fun evening!


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4 thoughts on “Japanese food cookery class – Day 18

  1. twnteo on said:

    The easy way to make Mochi is to cook the flour mixture in a microwave!!…….ssh……..

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