One month already! – Day 31

Following on from my last blog post on this week’s photo challenge, I went to the matsuri (festival) which is the reason why there where lanterns hanging up. It was very family-orientated as there were games for kids, some food stalls, and there were even dances performed by people of all ages. The atmosphere was great and there was a real sense of community.

Afternoon performance

Afternoon performance

I only managed to take a few photos because my camera battery died on me…

DSCF0477Unfortunately, I had already eaten when I went down to see the festival but they were selling Frankfurters, Konnyaku on sticks, yakitori etc. which looked delicious.

Yakitori stall

Yakitori stall

On a side note, I have been in Japan for a month already! To celebrate, I decided to bake a cake this morning. I’ve been meaning to start baking more but upon my arrival at my dorm, I noticed that there is no oven here. In Japan many homes don’t have ovens but instead the microwave has an oven button which you can use to bake cakes etc. I was a bit skeptical about it and I wasn’t sure if I could use a metal cake tin because the machine is a microwave, but we only have a single silicone cake mold so I used that instead.

The "oven" baking my cake

The “oven” baking my cake

Had to bake the mixture in 2 batches since the mold is a bit small

Had to bake the mixture in 2 batches since the mold is a bit small

I wasn’t sure how the cake was going to turn out but it tasted ok! It was really airy but kind of chewy… thank goodness it was a small cake! I divided it up so everyone in my apartment could have a slice. I’m glad to say that the microwave-oven does work and I’ll be experimenting with it more in the future!

One slice for each person!

One slice for each person!

Looking back, I’ve only been a Hitotsubashi student for about 2 weeks, but it feels so much longer than that (I did arrive exactly a month ago though). I’ve settled in pretty well so it has come as a bit of a shock to realize that I have been here for so long already. I do miss home but things are going so well! Only 11 more months to go!!

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