I’ve got a part time job! – Day 35

In addition to studying and growing vegetables, I’ve found myself a part time job!
I was very lucky in finding this job as it’s located only 10 minutes away by foot from my dormitory. My job, in short, is to run English conversation classes at an English style tearoom called Perennial Country Living. The tearoom is run by a lovely couple – the husband is from Plymouth in the UK and the wife is Japanese. I’ve been working there for about 2 weeks now and I’ve met some really friendly old ladies who are ever so chatty and really like speaking in English.


The cafe is decked out with lots of British memorabilia and the cakes made by Fumiyo (the wife) are delicious and she always gives me a slice of cake when I arrive, accompanied by some Earl Grey tea. They used to cook British food such as Shepherds Pie and Fish & Chips for lunch but they have since stopped serving hot food like this as they’re quite busy with other things (Nigel teaches English, while Fumiyo runs the tearoom).

Notice board advertising the classes

Notice board advertising the classes

I’m not really teaching English per se, but rather it’s a more informal/casual “Chat room” style class that I’m running so it’s a good opportunity for people who want to practise their English in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Although I came to Japan to practise my Japanese, it seems a bit strange that I’m spending 5/6hrs a week speaking in English. But when some of the customers have problems expressing their ideas in English they say it in Japanese, so it’s good for me as well as I’m also improving my translation skills. Also, many of the customers have given me recommendations as to where to go for day trips, where to eat, and all sorts of tips and advice. AND, I get paid to speak in my native language while eating lots of delicious cakes and biscuits, so all in all this is the perfect job in my opinion!

My complimentary tea and biscuit

My complimentary tea and biscuit

I’m extremely fortunate to have found this job. Thank you, Nigel and Fumiyo, for hiring me!

Here is the link for the website!

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10 thoughts on “I’ve got a part time job! – Day 35

  1. Where is it? I’d love to come and eat there!! 😀

    • It’s about 5 min walk from Hitotsubashi Gakuen station. You should come 🙂 I just bought some home made apple pie and custard, soooo looking forward to it!

      • Oh my gosh I think a trip is deffo necessary! Next free weekend day I’ll be asking for the address and whether you’re working or not!

  2. twnteo on said:

    You might want to suggest running a baking and icing class there too??!……then it will definitely be the dream job!….putting all your skills and enjoyment and food into one project. Sounds like you are having fun there out in Japan.

    • Hahaha yes I might suggest that idea! They do have a proper oven at the cafe, and the wife said that I could use it if I want, but it’s not a very big oven so I might have to practise at home first by doing small batches. Thank you 🙂

  3. Olivia, you need to take me with you. I want to see that as well!
    Do you already have the working permission?

  4. Oh well done! I know that sort of place in Japan. It is categorized as “english cafe”, isn’t it? So the guests drop in and you have a chit-chat with them? I am sure you are being a great help for the guests as well as the owner of the cafe. If my mom were living in Tokyo, I would recommend the place to her too. (^-^)

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