Undoukai (Japanese Sports Day) – Day 39

Last Saturday I took part in an Undoukai, which is a Japanese sports day event. It was organized by ISDAK (the International Students Dormitory Association of Kodaira) who usually put on events, like the Undokai, to bring everyone who lives on the campus together.



We started the day at 10am and were split into teams of 7, and there were 6 teams in total. I was elected as the Team Leader for Team A and we were given orange straps to wear. I chose to wear mine the traditional Japanese sporty way by tying it across my forehead!

E building photo

E building photo

Throughout the day we took part in various sports and activities, which were so much fun! It was a great way to bond with new people from other buildings in this dormitory. If you want to see some of the sports/activities we did, ISDAK uploaded a video showing us the rules of the games on YouTube.


Group photo!

Overall, my team came fourth which wasn’t too bad! Well done Team A! I’m looking forward to the next Undoukai which will hopefully be next Spring.

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3 thoughts on “Undoukai (Japanese Sports Day) – Day 39

  1. We always had an annual undoukai at the Japanese school I went to here in Southern CA. Most of it was racing events but it was still pretty fun. But the prizes they gave out were a real bummer….one time I came in first in an event and got a box of kleenex lol!

    • The events we took part in were mainly racing ones too! Since it’s almost halloween the prizes were most food related, which I missed out on by coming fourth place haha

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