Where’s My Bike? – Day 42

Just a quick post today! Thought I’d share with you all something I get up to on a daily basis – looking for my bicycle!

Unfortunately, this is a daily problem for me especially at around 2pm when I usually go home but most people are still on campus, hence all the bicycles.
This is actually only a section of a bicycle ‘car park’ just outside one of the buildings on the East campus (which is the smaller campus), so you can imagine the sheer number of bicycles whizzing around throughout the whole day in this area.
My bicycle looks exactly like all the other ones and we all have baskets attached to the front. I spent almost a good 5 minutes trying to find my bicycle the day I took this photo…

Will be doing a new post soon! Stay tuned!

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8 thoughts on “Where’s My Bike? – Day 42

  1. Jazz your bike up with some glitter – you will never be able to miss it!

  2. Ever since my beloved bike was stolen in a broad daylight, locked and left for less than 20 minutes in Central London, I can never feel easy when my bike is not with me (>.<;)
    At least, your bike will be safe in Japan!

    • Even I get worried when I leave my bike here in Japan since I heard that the main things that get stolen are umbrellas and bicycles! But I definitely think it’s safer to leave a bicycle lying around here than in London 😦

  3. OMG, girl! That’s crazy. I would go nuts if I had to do that everyday. You’re gonna have to make your bike stand out BIG TIME!

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