Last night there was a Halloween costume party held at the dorm by ISDAK. When I heard about this party a few weeks ago, I decided to get a move on and I started to prepare my costume. I wanted to be something scary but also feminine, so I looked up scary costumes on Google and I saw pictures of people dressed up as characters from Silent Hill, which is the name of scary video game that has also been made into a film. Although I’ve never seen nor played Silent Hill, the nurse costume looked pretty fun and so that’s who I decided to go as!

Mask in progress...

Mask in progress…

I absolutely love making things so this was the perfect costume to do. I looked up tutorials on how to make the mask and I tried to copy the steps, but being on a budget I wasn’t able to create an exact copy. The mask was made out of papier-mâché, and I bought bandages from the 100 yen shop (Daiso) to go over the newspaper. The outfit came from ebay and it only cost me £7 which is pretty cheap (including delivery!).

Drying my mask

Drying my mask

To achieve the worn-out look, I soaked my dress and mask in coffee. In addition to that, I made a concoction of soya sauce and ketchup which I splattered all over the outfit to get the blood stained effect. Everyone commented on how bad I smelt – the soya sauce was pretty strong!!

Blood stained dress and cap!

Blood stained dress and cap!

Although I cut out eye holes, the structure and shape of the mask changed each time as there were so many layers and each time I added more coffee/soya sauce/ ketchup the mask became weak. Because of this, when I wore the mask I couldn’t actually see very well…

Complete outfit!

Complete outfit!

At the party there was a competition for best dressed, and to my surprise I won first place! It was honestly such a shock and I didn’t know I had won since I couldn’t hear very well either! Thank you so much ISDAK for the prize!!

Scary ladies

Scary ladies

It was such a fun night and it was great to see everyone dressed up. Trying to guess who people have come dressed up as, as well as finding out who is under the mask is always amusing!

Poor Spider man

Poor Spider man

Next time I make a mask I’m definitely going to cut bigger eye holes and I’ll use paint instead of soya sauce. Will definitely bring this costume back and use it next year!

DSCF0548Happy Halloween!!

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9 thoughts on “HALLOWEEN PARTY!! – Day 45

  1. I’m not surprised you won 1st place, that is an awesome costume. I’ve always been too scared to watch or play Silent Hill so I don’t recognize the character but she looks crazy!

  2. OMG that is seriously scary Olivia! Good job! sasugane!!!

  3. Hahaha~ You looked great (scary)! I would love to see a group photo of the party. That will be even more fun (^-^)

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