Food, Glorious Food – Day 49

It’s been fairly quiet here since the Halloween party, hence the lack of blog posts. This weekend is a 4 day holiday for me as the school festival is going to be held from Saturday-Monday, and I have no classes on Tuesday, so I’ll be posting about that in the next few days.

I thought I’d do a foodie post today as I’ve taken various photos of the things I’ve eaten since I’ve been here but I’ve felt too embarrassed to post every single thing I’ve taken a photo of so I thought a collective post would be better! Hahaha!

Delicious tempura udon - so crispy!

Delicious tempura udon – so crispy!

Quite recently, one of the ladies who comes to my chat room sessions treated me to lunch at a local udon restaurant. It was amazing – the tempura was so crispy!

Tempura and rice set

Tempura and rice set

After that lunch, I went out for dinner with my Japanese seminar group and I randomly chose a dish (couldn’t read the kanji that well..) and ended up having tempura again for dinner! The long piece of tempura is actually some eel – tasted very meaty so I pretended I was having fish and chips (more like fish and rice, but you know what I mean).


Apple Pie and Custard!

Fumiyo, who runs the tearoom where I work, often makes apple pie so I always buy a slice and take it home with me. She uses Bramley apples – they’re ever so tart and they go so well with the custard! Yum!

Zai curry aka spicy curry

Zai curry aka spicy curry

A few weeks ago I went out to dinner with the ASSIST club and I chose this curry – it was meant to be super duper spicy but it only had a hint of spice (I brought my grandfather’s chilli with me so my spice level tolerance is still pretty high!). The curry was still very tasty though!


Standard meal

The dish above is something I cook almost every day – fry some garlic in some oil, chuck in some veg and tofu, topped off with some soya egg mix. Et Voilà!

I’ll be doing more food posts soon! Thanks for reading!

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One thought on “Food, Glorious Food – Day 49

  1. Tempura looks really good! And HUGE! I must try it when I am in Japan in January (^-^)

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