Ikkyosai (School Festival) – Day 54

This weekend was the 44th Ikkyosai (School Festival) held at Hitotsubashi University.



All the societies, from the sports clubs to the music and dance clubs, everyone had their own stall showcasing what they do and offer as a society of the university. Preparations for this event began a few weeks ago and there have been many hand painted billboards propped up against trees advertising all the different things that were going to happen this weekend.

One of the many hand painted 'schedules' for this Ikkyosai

One of the many hand painted boards for the Ikkyosai

Not only were there stalls within the east and west campus, but the pavements outside that lead up to the university were teeming with stalls run by locals business such as pet grooming stalls, and clothes stalls etc.


Throughout the day there were dance performances in various locations across – there was just so much to see and do!



Despite what the dentist told me (I had a temporary filling put in last week as part of my old one fell out so I wasn’t meant to eat certain things…) I spent most of my time and money on food…



They even had an area inside one of the buildings where they had second hand books that you could take for free! Most of the free books were only the children’s books but I took a few as they’re good practise for my Japanese.


The majority of the stalls outside, around the campus area, were food stalls. But inside some of the buildings, there were cafes and other societies like the Manga Society and the Pokemon society.

Non alcoholic cafe menu

Non alcoholic drinks menu from one of the indoor cafes

It was amazing to see how much effort all the students of Hitotsubashi University had put into making the decorations and posters. Since anybody could come to the school festival you could tell that students had really gone the extra mile to make things look good.


Statue made out of cans!

Statue made out of cans!

It was such a wonderful experience and a lot of fun – I can’t ever imagine this happening back home in the UK, no university in London would go to these lengths to put something so spectacular on!

DSCF0569School festivals seem to be quite popular here and it turns out that this coming weekend there will be another one held by the all female university just round the corner from the dormitory. I’m going to save up all of my earnings from this week’s part time job and spend it all on food there!! Can’t wait to go!

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One thought on “Ikkyosai (School Festival) – Day 54

  1. twnteo on said:

    You should have had a stall there, doing cupcakes decoration or selling cupcakes….

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