Winter is approaching – Day 59

These past few days have been a lot cooler, and naturally when the weather starts changing I don’t always adjust my clothing to the change in temperature, so I often come down with a cold.

Well I haven’t really caught a cold, but my throat is pretty tickly and I’ve been suffering from headaches, so I haven’t been up to much. The weather here has been a bit everywhere – it went from summer straight through to winter, ie. autumn never really came. I want to do a post on the leaves changing colour (Kouyou) but the weather has been quite warm until a few days ago so you’re going to have to wait for that post! But here are some random things that have happened this week.

Normally when I go shopping, I cycle past these mini wooden stalls where local farmers sell their produce. There is a great sense of trust in Japan, as there is often no one manning these stalls – they leave out the vegetables they have grown for sale and there is a little money box which says 100 yen, so 100 yen for each piece of vegetable! It’s very cheap and I think the vegetables are organic. I bought some carrots and daikon the other day:

DSCF0592I also made some kimchi with some cabbage I bought the other day. You can buy the kimchi spices in a packet, sprinkle it over the vegetables, mix it together and there you have it!

"Homemade" cabbage kimchee

“Homemade” cabbage kimchi

As I mentioned in my last post, I went to the Tsuda women’s university fair today that’s only 15 mins walk away from my dormitory.


Compared to the Hitotsubashi university one, this one was a lot quieter and more, how should I say, more ‘delicate’? ‘Refined’? Being an all women’s university it was definitely calmer and tidier, but fun nevertheless! The belly dance performance was pretty good, and the food was tasty!



DSCF0597On the university campus there was a Free Market, where people were selling second hand clothing etc. I picked up this grey dress for 100yen! It’s very chic and stylish – I’m trying to update my look because compared to the other female students at my university, I come to class looking pretty slobby so I’ve decided to take action! Many Japanese women make an effort with their outfits, even if it’s just to go out to the shops, so I’ve started to feel the pressure to look a bit nicer hahaha


To save money, I often bring my own lunch to university, so I bought a bento box from Daiso earlier on last week. There were so many to choose from but I finally settled on this cutie:


Although things have been fairly quiet this week, so many exciting things are going to happen in the next few weeks and hopefully I’ll be doing a blog post on each one of them in the future. One of the exciting things coming up is that I’m going to KOREA at the end of this month!! It’s part of my International Economics class that I take with other Japanese students, and we’re going to Seoul to do economics presentations, so I’ll keep you all updated on that!

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3 thoughts on “Winter is approaching – Day 59

  1. Your dress looks really chic! And I love your bento box too. It’s “rela-kuma”,isn’t it? Look forward to reading about your “Kouyou”picnic!

    • Thank you!! Funnily enough, I’ve just noticed all the leaves have started turning red – it’s like they’ve turned red overnight! I’m so excited that you’re coming over for 3 weeks, let me know nearer the time and I’d love to arrange to meet up with you 😀 Unfortunately I have caught a cold now, so I will be going to the Japanese chemist tomorrow – thanks. I hope you haven’t caught Paul’s cold! Take care x

      • I’ll definitely get in touch when I come to Japan! You take good care of your cold. About Paul’s cold, he brought back from China. Let’s hope it’s not gonna be as stuffy as UK one…😞

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