Autumn Leaves at Mt. Takao – Day 66

This Saturday, a group of us went to climb Mt. Takao and see the Autumn Leaves (Koyo). The weather was absolutely perfect; the sky was clear, it was really sunny, and there wasn’t a drop of rain in sight.
We were asked to meet up at Kunitachi station at 9.30am and we caught the train for Takason-Guchi Station at 10am after waiting for everyone to arrive. I think there was about 25+ people in total – a pretty big group, but the more the merrier I say!


It seems that everyone else in Japan (well in Tokyo anyway) thought that going to climb Mt. Takao this weekend would be a good idea as there were SO many people. Old people, young couples with their newborns, people with their hand-bag dogs – you name it, they were there at Mt. Takao today!

Making our way up to the top!

Making our way up to the top!

Mt. Takao is 599m tall and it’s only 30 odd mins away from Kunitachi station. We arrived there almost coming up to 11am, and set off for the summit.



Along the way there you can pick up a snack to eat, such as Dango, ice-cream, ramen etc. There’s so much food and it all looked so tasty! It was a bit expensive but I thought it was worth it to eat food that I hadn’t tried before.


I love dango!

The scenery was so beautiful and the air was so clean. I found that my cold had virtually disappeared while we were there!

View from the dango stall

View from the dango stall

It took a while to reach the summit as we had to move pretty slowly since there were so many people. You can eat up on the summit but I brought my own bento lunch to save a bit of money hahaha!

At the summit!

At the summit!

There are various things to see on the way up to the summit, such as shrines etc.



Wheel of Fortune?

Wheel of Fortune?

On the way back down, we took a slightly different route – it was more dangerous as there were no handrails or anything of the sort, so if you’re not careful you could easily slide down the mountain face…

Crossing a bridge on our way back to the station

Crossing a bridge on our way back to the station

Some of us took the cable car back down to the main meeting point, but I decided it would be more fun to walk. We had to wait for those who did to arrive, but I managed to take some nice evening shots.


It was another fantastic day out organized by ASSIST CLUB. I’d definitely want to go back there again sometime next year. Thank you so much!!DSCF0670

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12 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves at Mt. Takao – Day 66

  1. This looks awesome! I’m planning on going there on the 30th, I can’t wait!

    • Are you? 30th November? Ah it would’ve been great to meet up as mt. Takao is so close to my uni, but I’m going to be in Korea at that time! I’ll bring you back an omiyage from Korea (^o^)

  2. It looks like you had a fun day at Mt.Takao! Was your Dango savoury or sweet? As you say, some routes to and from the summit are challenging. In fact, my cousin lost his footing once and nearly fell all the way down! He and his wife do hiking as a hobby so no novice. I remember how he recounted his experience that day. The Koyo looks gorgeous! I was passing Regent Park yesterday and thinking how browny yellow the London autumn-scape was. Apart from odd cherry trees’, there were hardly any red leaves! I need more colour in London!! 😳

    • The Dango itself wasn’t particularly sweet or savoury but the sauce was miso paste mixed with black sugar (that’s what my Japanese friend tried to tell me I think), so it had this sweet and sour taste. It was soo good! I could’ve had another one but I resisted!! Hehehe!
      Oh no!! You do have to be so careful when you go hiking, especially if the ground is a bit wet and you’re not wearing proper shoes with grips underneath! I hope your cousin wasn’t badly hurt from the fall.
      I tried to recall what autumn is like in London, and even though the leaves may not be as colourful compared to here, all the shop window displays are pretty colourful around this time of the year leading up to christmas, so maybe that makes up for the lack of colour?

      • Miso with black sugar? It sounds sooooo delicious!! I want to have one NOW!!!!
        About my cousin, he was more upset about finding himself upside down in front of everybody than the possibility of tumbling down the mountainside 😅 A typical Japanese man who hates to appear clumsy in public.
        London’s autumn is definitely greyer than Tokyo’s. Comparing with Tokyo which faces the vast Pacific Ocean, London’s sky is more susceptible to changeable weather systems brought in via the Channel. I must say that I do miss a clear sky which last all day. In here, the weather changes too often. I don’t know what to wear sometimes 😱
        Yey! Christmas lights are on everywhere. This year, Oxford Street one is much nicer. No silly (& in your face) ads tainting the decoration above the street. I saw giant robins parching above Carnaby Street. I shall walk around London one day soon and report back about the state of this year’s Christmas decoration. Therefore, watch this space 😉

  3. Thats looks awesome Oli.. . So your going up there again nexted year a….wait for meee lol

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  6. What a gorgeous tree! I love the colors.

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