Horse fat foot cream? Only in Japan – Day 74

Just a quick random post today!

Every couple of days I pop into my favourite shop Daiso (the 100 yen shop) to see what new stock is in. I was scouring the shelves for something to buy the other day and I saw this cream. I couldn’t really believe it when I saw it but when I looked on the back and read the ingredient list, there really is horse fat in this cream and it’s pretty high up on the list.



I had to buy it just to try it and to my surprise, it’s actually quite nice! Really creamy and doesn’t have a smell at all. I also saw a horse fat body scrub so if I’m feeling brave I might buy that too!

Will be doing another post soon in a couple of days. Thanks for reading!

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11 thoughts on “Horse fat foot cream? Only in Japan – Day 74

  1. I wonder if they also sell that at the Daiso here in Southern CA? I’m going have to go check, I think this would make for a funny stocking stuffer for someone I know!

  2. My mom actually uses it on her face! Not that foot cream but the one specifically designed for face and she seems to like it. (^-^)

    • Really? Apart from the name, it is actually quite a nice cream! I know it says it’s a foot cream, but I’ve been using it on my hands since they get so dry over winter and it seems to be doing a pretty good job. I’ll look out for the one designed for the face, the one that your mom uses 😀

      • Yeah, there are more than a few horse oil creams around in Japan. Try any chemist like “Matumoto Kiyoshi – Matsukiyo”. They must have some choices. My mom says it’s very moisturising without being too greasy. 😉 X

  3. does it make you run faster or rather gallop

  4. Lisa on said:

    They have the hand and foot cream at the Daiso in San Francisco too. I didn’t see any body scrub.

    • I didn’t know that Daiso is also in the US! They really like their horse fat products here, and luckily they smell pretty good! Have you tried the creams before?

  5. laura on said:

    Many produts have “horse fat cream”in them here in the U.S. but are called by more scientific names -a variety of them. I only learned this after buying the cream in SF myself! Researched it!

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