Autumn in Japan; one season, a rainbow of colours – Day 77

I’m pretty sure that the photo above summarizes Autumn in Japan quite nicely! Each day that passes here in Japan, the scenery looks different as the leaves are changing colours constantly. Up until a few days ago, many of the leaves were still on the trees but now they are covering the pavements and roads in a golden blanket.

Many roads and pathways are covered with leaves like this pond

Many roads and pathways are covered with leaves like this pond

On my way to university today, I cycled past this Momiji tree in our dormitory. Unlike many of the other trees, the leaves on this tree were all at different stages of the colour changing process, so it really looked like a rainbow.


Another tree next to the Momiji tree

I thought all these different colour leaves might make a pretty photo so I picked them up from the ground and took some photos, like the main photo above.


I tried to take photos of the leaves in different ways, but eventually ran out of ideas haha!


This is just a sneaky peak of another Autumn post that I’ve got lined up that I’ll publish in the next few days. Just a heads up, I’m going to be flying to Korea on Thursday so I’ll be doing a post on that sometime next week! Thanks for reading!!

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