Christmas Is Nigh – Day 93

Although Christmas isn’t an official holiday in Japan, (I still have to go to class, NO! ) the Japanese have really bought into the festivity and there are so many decorations and lights everywhere.

I’ve got some Christmas parties to go to in the next few weeks which I’m looking forward to. To get into the spirit of things, here are some snapshots of some of the decorations that I’ve seen recently.

Lights near Kunitachi Station

Lights near Kunitachi Station

There are some crazy lights just outside the Tearoom, near the station – I remember leaving work at around 5pm in the middle of November, and BAM! I was confronted by these lights. They definitely weren’t there when I went to work for 2pm, so the local community put them up pretty quickly! The main photo at the top is also from outside the tearoom.


Crazy lights outside the Tearoom

I helped to put up the Christmas decorations at work the other week and here’s a photo of these cute lights that they have on.


Yesterday, I went to the post office to pick up a parcel that my parents had sent me. Inside was a Christmas card and the most amazing gift ever – a chocolate advent calender!! I’ll admit, I’m a bit sad that I’m not going to be spending Christmas with my family this year, so I’m so grateful that my parents sent me this so that I’m not left out. THANK YOU! I had 10 days worth of chocolates to catch up on, but given what happened recently on my birthday, I have limited myself to eating two a day rather than scoffing down all 10 at once!



As you may or may not remember, I’ve been growing my own vegetables since I arrived in Japan. Click here if you want to read about my earlier progress. Well it looks like it’s almost time to harvest some of my vegetables soon…




The spinach has done pretty well, a couple more weeks and I’ll be harvesting a few of the leaves soon! The beans aren’t quite there yet, but the plant is still growing tall! I’ve had a bit of problem with this one as I think there’s something wrong with the acidity of the soil? The base of the plant looks like it’s dying but it’s still growing strong… anyone know what I can do to solve this problem?

Bean plant

Bean plant

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for all the festivities that I’ll be posting in the next coming weeks!

Thanks for reading!!

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5 thoughts on “Christmas Is Nigh – Day 93

  1. Haha~ Maneki Cat stands next to a snowman! That’s proper Japanese Christmas!! The illumination looks really pretty. Is it cold in Tokyo now?
    Your indoor plot looks amazing. How can it grow so plentiful? Does your room facing south? Must have a lot of light is coming in during a day. I tried to grow a pot of herbs in London on my window sill but it ended up growing really sparsely and I had to give it up. (=_=;)

    • It is definitely a lot colder here in Tokyo now, but its been pretty sunny every day so I don’t mind so much. How is it in London? I’m so jealous of all the Christmas decorations and lights in London- I love walking around central London around this time of the year and looking at the Christmas window displays, like selfridges etc. I think my room is south facing o.O I actually have no idea but I just leave my veggies out there and let them do their own thing hahaha! I think it must be the weather or something here as I’ve tried growing fruit and veg back home and I’ve always failed >.<

  2. It’s totally on my bucket list to spend Christmas in Japan someday. Makes me so excited to see the decorations in your pictures. Sorry you have to go to school on XMAS day, do you get any kind of winter break?

    • It’s so festive here and I think the atmosphere is more “Chrismassy” in central Tokyo in comparison to where I’m living. I do get a holiday, but only for one week, from the 27th onwards. Where will you be spending christmas?

      • Glad to hear that you do get some kind of holiday! I’ll be spending XMAS at home which is in the Los Angeles area. Can’t believe it’s less than a week away, I still have 75% of my XMAS shopping left to do argh!

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