Where did the time go? – Day 120

It’s been a long time since my last blog post, over 5 days ago! :O SORRY!

After all the New Year shenanigans, I had to knuckle down and do some work but, as always, it ended up taking me 10 times longer to do a single piece of work because I procrastinate. As a result, I still haven’t finished all my work but I’m ploughing through slowly but surely!

So after spending the day with Atsuko and her family on New Year’s Day, I actually went shopping again on 2nd January for more Fukubukuro. I splashed out and got 4 more bags; 3 of them contained food and the other one had stationary and clothes inside. I spent over 2 hours in total cycling to all these different department stores nearby.


More Fukubukuro!!

I also went to pray at another shrine (by accident..) near Fuchuu station. I thought there was a big festival going on as there were rows of food stalls and because there were so many people I assumed that it was just taking a long time to get to the stalls at the other end. Turns out everyone was walking slowly because they were queuing up to pray at the shrine at the other end of this park… Since I had nothing better to do (I had spent almost all my shopping money) I decided to go and pray again.


The queue to pray

The queue to pray

The following days after that I have been studying, and steadily consuming all my goodies that I got in my lucky bags!

However, yesterday I met up with one of my best friends – Ana Luiza! She is studying at Waseda University for her year abroad, which is in central Tokyo. Even though I met up with here when I first arrived in Japan, which was in September, we haven’t seen each other since then, so it was amazing to see her again after so many months. We went to the Imperial Gardens near Tokyo station, walked to Akihabara, and chatted the WHOLE day!

Imperial Gardens

Imperial Gardens

IMG_1392It was so cold that day but luckily Ana knows all the underground pathways so we were able to walk from Tokyo Station to Akihabara underground where it was a lot warmer!

Posing inside a shopping center to get a good view of Tokyo Station

Posing inside a shopping center to get a good view of Tokyo Station

Thank you for such a wonderful day out, Ana! We will be taking part in a special event next week together so look out for that blog post!



Unfortunately, that’s all I’ve been up to these past few days. I have some exciting things happening from this weekend onwards, but other than that, it’s back to studying and working at the primary school + tearoom.

Hope you’re all well! Thanks for reading!

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