Making Goma Dofu! – Day 123

Here’s a random recipe blog post!

The other week when I went to have lunch at Nomin Cafe in Shimokitazawa, we had this sesame tofu (Goma Dofu) which was super tasty. I decided that it was so good that I wanted to have a go at making some myself so I looked up the recipe and bought the ingredients.

Turns out that this ‘tofu’ isn’t actually made from soy beans at all – it’s just sesame paste and arrowroot flour. Mix that in with some water, and there you go!

Black sesame paste and Arrowroot flour

Black sesame paste and Arrowroot flour

I looked up the recipe online, here’s what you do:


  • 70g sesame paste
  • 50g arrowroot powder
  • 500ml water


Combine the arrowroot powder with some water to make a smooth paste. Add in the rest of the water to a small pan and mix well

Arrowroot powder, before adding water to make a paste

Arrowroot powder, before adding water to make a paste

Put the pan over a medium heat, and add the sesame paste. Mix continuously, squishing any lumps

Mixing everything together

Mixing everything together

The mixture will start to thicken and when it has a thick pudding consistency, it’s ready to be poured into moulds


After pouring the mixture into the moulds, let the mixture cool before putting in the fridge to cool

That’s all there is to it. Here’s the final result!

Sesame 'tofu'

Sesame ‘tofu’

Compared to the one I had at Nomin Cafe, it didn’t taste too dissimilar which is a bonus! It definitely had the consistency of soft tofu, but after it had been outside the fridge, it started to soften and the texture became more like creme caramel.

Normally I have tofu with a bit of soya sauce, but I actually found that this sesame dofu was a nice dessert because it was a bit sweet.

Just to let you all know, from February onwards I’m going to be on holiday for 2 whole months! YAY! So I’m planning some trips that might involve me not being in Japan, so I hope you don’t mind reading blog posts about my travels even though this blog is meant to be about my time here!

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