Visitors, Spicy Ramen, and lying low in the snow – Day 164

I’ve been posting less frequently as its been so cold, and the snow has put me off going outside. I had this long list of museums that I wanted to go to this week but since I planned to cycle there those plans have been buried by the snow.

One of many snowmen around the dorm

One of many snowmen around the dorm

Took this photo while crouching in the snow - Spring is round the corner

Took this photo while crouching in the snow – Spring is round the corner

Yet despite the weather, I had some very special visitors all the way from London who stayed with me last week. My uncle and his friend Carmen came to Japan!! My first set of visitors from back home!!

Sushi lunch in Shinjuku

Sushi lunch in Shinjuku

It was really great to see my uncle again. He brought loads of goodies for me which I am ever so grateful for! During their time here, they only stayed with me for a few nights but when they moved to a hostel in central Tokyo, I met up with them to eat and go shopping etc.

My fish soup - delicious!!

My fish soup – delicious!!



Carmen and my uncle love mochi so they took me to get a Strawberry Daifuku from their favourite Japanese sweet shop in Shinjuku. It was so soft and it was literally melting in my mouth!


Look at that strawberry inside!!

Look at that strawberry inside!!

We mainly hung around Shinjuku but then we headed to Akihabara in the evening to do some shopping, and check out the area.



It was a really fun day out and everyone who met my uncle said he is so cool! When they were staying with me, my uncle and Carmen even took part in the drinking game at one of the farewell parties HAHA I’m so lucky to have such a hipster uncle!

Aside from that, I went to have really REALLY spicy ramen the other night. I was craving spicy food the other week and I looked up restaurants that serve really spicy food on the internet. Turns out there is this ramen chain called Nakamoto that specialise in spicy ramen, so we went to the branch in Kichijoji. I asked the guy at the counter which one was the spiciest and he told me to get this one called “Hokkyoku”.

It was divine.

Look at the chilli!! WOAH

Look at the chilli!! WOAH

Not unbearable, but my stomach was burning for hours afterwards.

I love spicy food so much and this certainly was spicy. I’ve ordered “Spicy” food here in Japan before, but it has never really been that spicy.

That’s it for now! I’m actually going away to Malaysia tomorrow for two weeks so I’ll let you know more about that in the next post.


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4 thoughts on “Visitors, Spicy Ramen, and lying low in the snow – Day 164

  1. Beautiful snaps! Did you get quite a bit of snow where you are at? I heard we may get snow again this week, Thursday perhaps?

    • Thank you!! We got so much snow here, perhaps because we’re I’m living it’s more ‘countryside’. How about you? It turns out it never snowed on Thursday, even though that’s what the forecast predicted a few days ago, which was lucky 🙂

  2. Ohhh, I was thinking about you when I saw the news on Japanese news site! Is it still bad? My mum’s place is so badly affected. No delivery to supermakets and shops for days. I hope your area is ok. Your dinner looks great. I wish if I could travel to Japan right now. The ramen sounds really fierce! I don’t think my stomach can take it (^-^:)

  3. It’s so wonderful that you got some visitors from back home, I’m sure everyone must be missing you very much. That strawberry daifuku looks amazing, I’ve never tried one before so I’m quite envious! Just looking at that bowl of ramen made my stomach burn. I really can’t do spicy, just a small dash of togarashi is good enough for me!

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