Ready for round 2 & Cherry Blossoms – Day 206

The Spring holidays are nearly over and it’s almost time for the second semester to begin. Although I’ve been on holiday for about 2 months, I’m still not ready for the new semester!

Classes officially start next Monday, so this week has been a bit everywhere – picking up last semester’s results, looking up which courses to take, tidying my room etc. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I’ve been growing vegetables – I’ve now got actual beans! Almost like the ones you can buy from the supermarket hahaha

My beans nearly ready for harvesting

My beans nearly ready to be harvested

Within the dormitory there has been a lot of hustle and bustle too. During the holidays, about half the people in my dormitory moved out and returned home as they were only in Japan for 6 months. However, last weekend all the new people moved in and there are lots of new faces around. In Japan, unlike in the UK, the school year starts from April which means that there will be loads of new people not just in the dormitory but also at university (all those first year students!).

The biggest thing that has happened here is the blooming of the cherry blossoms (sakura). It literally happened overnight – I remember cycling around one day and looked up and BOOM! There were all these beautiful flowers covering the sky.

In Kunitachi, there is this road called University Road (大学道り) which is lined up with cherry blossoms. It runs straight down from the station and it is sandwiched in between the West and East campus of my university. I went there to take some photos the other day as most of the cherry blossoms have bloomed.

University Road

University Road



 A popular thing to do when the sakura have bloomed is to have a Hanami party – having a picnic while enjoying the cherry blossoms. I decided to go to Koganei park to take photos, and literally everyone was there having a picnic.

Picnic Bonanza at Koganei Park

Picnic Bonanza at Koganei Park

I’m not sure how much longer the cherry blossoms will last but I’m hoping they will be around until next week when my family arrives. I did notice that some of the petals are falling already though, but I have seen buds that haven’t even opened yet. Fingers crossed!


I’m going to a really interesting festival this weekend so stay tuned for something rather weird hahaha!

Thanks for reading!

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4 thoughts on “Ready for round 2 & Cherry Blossoms – Day 206

  1. twnteo on said:

    Don’t wait too long before you harvest your labour of love or else the beans might be too stringy and old…….

  2. absolutely wonderful! I love cherry blossoms! ❤

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