Tokyo Disneyland, and more food!! (AwR) – Day 216

This is the last in the series of Adventures with Ria, a short summary of her last few days here in Japan.

Another thing to do on Ria’s trip was a visit to Tokyo Disneyland. I’ve never been to Disneyland before so I was super duper excited about going!

We left just after 7am to get there just after it opened (8.30am) thinking that there would be hardly anyone there, but the place was teeming with people already. It took under 2hrs to get there from my dormitory so it wasn’t too bad. Luckily we had bought our tickets online at 6200yen each so we were in the park within no time.



I’m sure that all Disneyland resorts across the world are more or less the same. Ria mentioned that it reminded her of when she went to the one in Florida and I said that probably the only difference between all the other Disneyland resorts and the Japanese one is that Tokyo Disneyland is just full of oriental people instead of caucasians!

Can you see the end of the queue for this ride??

Can you see the end of the queue for this ride??

Since it was holiday time for school children in Japan too, we spent most of our time queueing for rides. For one of the rides we almost queued 3hrs for it! It was crazy!

Mark Twain River boat - Disneyland

Mark Twain River boat – Disneyland

We managed to ride the top 3 rides, including Space Mountain during the 9hrs we were there. My favourite one was the Star Tours, which is a Star Wards themed simulator ride.

The one thing I like about Disneyland is the food. Everything is themed around Disney, of course, but they had some really delicious food. They had smoked turkey legs which were SO good. Just pure turkey meat. And they had teriyaki chicken legs. And strawberry milk flavoured churros. My goodness, the food list goes on.

Ice-cream sandwich!

Ice-cream sandwich!

Naturally, all this food came at a price – a very big one indeed! It’s not cheap but since it was my first time there and I’m not sure if I’ll ever go back again I splashed out a bit.

I’m afraid that’s it in terms of Disneyland! I was having too much of a good time to be taking photos 🙂

Moving on to the rest of the post. So the remaining days before Ria flew home we just went to eat lots of yummy food. First up was a round of sushi at our local conveyor belt restaurant.

Kaiten sushi - conveyor belt style

Kaiten sushi (conveyor belt style sushi)

This was followed up by a spot of fried octopus balls (takoyaki) and some yakitori (grilled chicken sticks)!



Delicious stuff this was!

Delicious stuff this was!

And in between all that eating we managed to fit in a bit (actually a lot) of shopping, especially snack shopping! Take a look at this goodie haul! Ria kindly let me try some of her special flavoured kitkat she bought, like the sweet potato one. It was actually pretty good!

Snack bonanza!

Snack bonanza!

Sweet potato flavoured kitkat

Sweet potato flavoured kitkat

It was really sad to see Ria off at the airport and I still miss her now 😦 but hopefully she will come back and we can spend more time travelling around Japan next time! Thanks for coming all this way, Ria!

On a side note, my family is here in Japan! :O Going to be doing a bit of travelling with them from tomorrow onwards so look out for some travel posts in the next few weeks!

Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Tokyo Disneyland, and more food!! (AwR) – Day 216

  1. TDL, sushi & takoyaki!!! AHHHH, I wish if I could borrow a transporter from Mr.Spock!!


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