Big Buddha + Parade in Kamakura – Day 230

Located only 50km from Tokyo, Kamakura was the first destination of my family’s trip to Japan. Even though it takes less than an hour to get there by train from Tokyo, I had never been there before.

Kamakura is most famous for it’s Big Buddha, which is the second largest bronze statue in Japan. You can pay to go inside the Buddha and see how they cast the statue, but it’s a bit dark and very narrow.

After visiting the Buddha we headed towards the centre of the town where there was a parade/matsuri going on. Apparently it’s a relatively new festival that is held to attract visitors. There were lots of mikoshi being paraded up the main road towards Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, the main Shinto shrine in Kamakura.



Pulling the drum float

Pulling the drum float

All the parade floats/mikoshi headed towards the heart of Hachimangu shrine, around the area below



As well as the parade, there were dances and even a free Noh show, but we didn’t have enough time to stay and watch that.



Me and my Baked Sweet Potato flavour ice cream :)

Me and my Baked Sweet Potato flavour ice cream 🙂

On our way to lunch there were some old men dressed up as samurai. They seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere so it was hard to take photos. But when we started to take photos of them, they stopped to pose with us and one of them even let me try on his headgear! They were all so friendly and really wanted everyone to participate in the parade.

Samurai posing with my brother

Samurai posing with my brother

Oh yeah, look at me in the samurai gear!

Japan’s next top samurai

Due to heavy traffic we didn’t make it to Kawaguchiko Music forest museum that day but we ended up going the next day instead. We spent the rest of the evening relaxing in the onsen at the ryokan we stayed at.


Once again, I would like to thank my family for letting me join this trip. Originally, the tour package that they bought was only for 14 people, but luckily  I was able to join for a few days and I honestly had the best time ever – THANK YOU SO MUCH! It was really emotional to see my family again (in particular my mum, dad and one of my brothers) and it was amazing to spend time with them in Japan.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!

Plenty more left to come (I hope so anyway!)

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3 thoughts on “Big Buddha + Parade in Kamakura – Day 230

  1. You look like you’re living it up over there!!

  2. You look great in a samurai warrior headgear! Very fetching 🙂

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