Word hard, Play hard – Day 236

Next week is Golden Week in Japan, or rather Golden Weekend as I only have next Monday and Tuesday off making it a 4 day weekend. I’ve got some plans to go travelling – doing some day trips and eating out with friends so I’ll be blogging about that soon!

It’s been fairly quiet here as I’ve just been trundling along and getting my studying done. Finally, my cold is getting better and I had a pain in my leg which I got the university sports doctor to see, so at least now I know what to do to get rid of it (the doctor confirmed I have Shin Splints, which I knew already but it was good to get it checked out as I did a self-assessment online hahaha).

Most of my classes are Japanese language classes but I take this really fun class called Global Business Persons that is run by Shu Ueyama. If you don’t know him, look him up on Google. He’s pretty famous as he was the man at the forefront of branding the Sony Walkman and he represented Margaret Thatcher in Japan for about 10 years. He’s an incredible man and he’s my teacher for this class!

Last week in class he asked us to do self-introductions and many people said that they like going to Karaoke, so he decided to organise a Karaoke night for all of us! He rented out this big karaoke room for all of us in Ebisu where there was unlimited food and drink (we all chipped in 2000 yen each but he said that he was going to pay the rest).

Karaoke party!

Karaoke party!

We then headed back to his home just a few minutes away from the karaoke place and just relaxed and drank more beer. In the end we ended up leaving his place at 11.20pm because we all had to catch the last train home and he actually had to teach us the next day!! It was definitely a great night out.

After party at the teacher's home!

After party at the teacher’s home!

On a different topic, the weather here has been getting SO much warmer. It’s going to be 20+ °C today and apparently 26°C tomorrow. I was cycling to university yesterday at around noontime and it was HOT.

View from my building - the swimming pool has been cleaned out (it's nearly summer!)

View from my building – the swimming pool has been cleaned out (it’s nearly summer!)

It’s only just the beginning of May but it’s getting so hot already, so I bought some Haagen Daz ice cream as a treat to cool me down. In Japan they have all these interesting flavours, like purple sweet potato, and pumpkin swirl (which I can testify that they are both very tasty!). They released a new one – White Peach and Raspberry – which is absolutely divine. It’s SO delicious that I might have to buy more!

Delicious ice cream!

Delicious ice cream!

There are other limited edition flavours like Sakura flavour and Rose flavour but I’m a bit scared to try them as I can just imagine the taste and it might be a bit overpowering. When I went shopping the other day I came across this drink in Daiso and had to take a photo as it’s got a very cute Hello Kitty design on it!

Hello Kitty cocktail drink - alcohol free!

Hello Kitty cocktail drink – alcohol free!

All the sakura have fallen off the trees, so the leaves are lush and green. Instead, there are lots of other types of flowers blooming and it’s amazing to see how the plants have all been meticulously planned and planted. There are so many cute flower displays, like this one on the west campus of my university.

Flower display at university

Flower display at university

I noticed the other day that there is a Kodaira festival coming up which I’m looking forward to. I think it might be similar to the Ikkyosai that was held last semester so if it’s anything like that then it should be good.

Kodaira festival!

Kodaira festival!

That’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed reading this – there will be more posts coming soon!

Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Word hard, Play hard – Day 236

  1. I’m so GLAD it’s Golden week too!!!! Vacation time? I have off for 10 days…woo hop!

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