Rainbow Cycle: Tokyo Part 1 – Day 284

Last Saturday was an action packed filled day where I got to see various parts of Tokyo that I don’t normally see.

The first stop of the day was Koutsuu Koen (Transport Park) which is this park that was set up for children to learn about road safety. It sounds really boring but I had such a good time there! From Shinjuku station, it was about a 35 min train ride heading east from Tokyo. Going to Edogawa-ku, where this park was located, was probably the furthest east that I had been from Tokyo.

Rainbow Cycle

Rainbow Cycle

The biggest attraction of this park is the Rainbow Cycle, which is a bit like a roller coaster, except that you have to pedal your way round the track. I think the photos will help to explain the concept better. You hop into the car, strap yourself in, and start pedalling!

Waiting in line

Waiting in line

I was honestly a bit scared, but so excited at the same time, as I was worried that the car was going to topple over. It’s a pretty short track, but I enjoyed the view.

Cycling round the Rainbow Cycle!

Cycling round the Rainbow Cycle!

Other than the Rainbow Cycle attraction, there are so many bikes and go-karts that you can use. Most of them were too small for us, but perfect for little children. The rest of the park is set out like a road, so there are mini traffic lights and road signs – all the kids stopped when it was a red light, and when the light turned green, they zoomed off into the distance.


I think this sort of park is great for kids as they learn about when to cross the road, etc. but in a safe environment.DSCF2104

The best part of this park is that all the attractions are FREE!!!

Yes, free.

Even the Rainbow Cycle is free!!
It’s run by these old retirees who help you get into the cars and strap you in, who don’t receive a single penny for what they do. Love them!DSCF2105

I adore this place and I definitely want to go back again. It’s a shame that the track isn’t very long though. When I was searching online to see if there were other similar places to this park nothing really came up, so I think this is the only one of its kind.

Lunch set

Lunch set

After all that exercise, we got lunch at a local restaurant.
I ordered a katsu don/soba noodle set and it was pretty tasty. The katsu was crispy and juicy which made me very happy, and the soba noodles were cold – perfect for a hot day!



That concludes part one of my day on Saturday! As I did so much that day and took so many photos, I’ve decided to split the day up into two parts because I think it would be a shame to write about it all in one post! I’ll post the second half soon 🙂

Ice cream galore

Ice cream galore

Thanks for reading!

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One thought on “Rainbow Cycle: Tokyo Part 1 – Day 284

  1. Well that looks like loads of fun!

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