Saying my farewells – Day 323

Don’t panic!! I’m not leaving Japan for another 6 weeks or so, but for some of my friends this week is their last.

I had my last “exam” on Wednesday, which was a presentation. So now I am officially done in terms of university for this semester, which means I’m done with the third year of my degree! Wow! I can’t believe it!

This week has been chock-a-block with parties, or more specifically nomikai, which is a drinking party in Japanese.

My first nomikai was on Monday with my seminar (zemi). It was the last ever zemi and it was quite emotional for me. In terms of content, I didn’t actually learn that much but being in a class with normal Japanese students meant that I could improve my Japanese and get the chance to mingle with them, ie. pretend to be a full time student, not an exchange student.

Zemi nomikai

Zemi nomikai

I went with these guys to Korea, so we’ve had a lot of fun together. They even put together a message board for me and I was so touched. I definitely had a little teary moment when I was reading the messages.

Thank you for the message board!

Thank you for the message board!

On Tuesday, nothing happened. I just prepared for my test that day and for Wednesday’s presentation.

On Wednesday, I went to another nomikai but this time with some friends living in the dormitory as one of my friends has being trying to get a job here in Japan and he managed to get one with Accenture! So it was a “Congratulations on your job offer!” party.

Photo courtesy of Corey, taken at the nomikai

Photo courtesy of Corey, taken at the nomikai

On Thursday, I went swimming in the local outdoor pool which was great as it’s so humid and hot nowadays. It was my first time going to a swimming pool here in Japan and I was shocked by the rules. You’re not allowed to enter the pool if you’ve put suncream on – you have to shower again before entering. It’s a bit silly because then you risk getting sunburnt. Another silly thing was that they allow people to wear makeup into the pool but not suncream.

Shaved ice (Kakigori) post swimming

Shaved ice (Kakigori) post swimming

In the evening, there was ANOTHER nomikai. Well, it was actually a farewell party for my friend Maud as she was the first to leave the dormitory this semester. Like me, she has been here for a whole year, so it was sad occasion but a fun night.

Maud's farewell party

Maud’s farewell party


The party was held in Shinjuku Asia Yokocho – have a look online, it’s a crazy place. The atmosphere was great and it was PACKED with people.

On Friday, we had the official ISDAK farewell party. There was so much food that after the party ended, my flatmate and I worked as a team and took lots of burrito wraps back to our flat to eat for breakfast/lunch today. They were going to throw the food away, so why not take it back to eat later?

A round of bingo at the party

A round of bingo at the party

A dormitory party followed, which ended up with me sleeping at 5 am when the sun started to rise. As I was getting reading to sleep, I realised how lucky I am to be here and to be able to have all this fun, and I know I have to thank a lot of people who have helped me and supported me on this journey.

Tonight I will be going to my fireworks display event (Hanabikai) so hopefully I can get some nice photos and share them on here. I’m going to Okinawa next week so I am in the midst of planning what I’m going to do there.

Thank you for reading!

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