Tachikawa Fireworks Festival (Hanabi) – Day 324

On Saturday I went to my first fireworks festival (Hanabi) in Japan which was held at Showa Kinen Park, Tachikawa. Already in its 56th year, this event is very popular and this year it attracted over 600,000 people. In actual fact, Tokyo’s biggest fireworks display by Sumida River was also held on the same day yet there were still so many people attending the Tachikawa one.

Waiting for the train to Tachikawa!

Waiting for the train to Tachikawa!

Similar to a matsuri, the appropriate attire for a hanabi is a yukata. We all got ready in the dormitory together and headed for Tachikawa at around 5.30pm.

Even though the fireworks didn’t start until 7.30pm, we wanted to get there early to secure a good viewing spot.

Hot hot hot

Hot hot hot

It was over 30 degrees even in the evening and it was ridiculously humid. Despite doing my makeup and hair all nice, I could feel my foundation dripping off my face. Eww!

Doing a bit of posing while some of us got refreshments

Doing a bit of posing while some of us got refreshments


Even though Tachikawa is so close, it was a good thing we left when we did as there were already loads of people when we got there after 6pm. On a normal day it wouldn’t take you that long to get into the middle of the park, but because it was such a huge event and there were crowds of people, it took a while to get to the main viewing area.

Just to give you an idea of how many people attended this event! This was only a small section of the park

Just to give you an idea of how many people attended this event! This was only a small section of the park

Nevertheless, we managed to find some good seats JUST as they started counting down to the start of the display.



Now I have to say, I was very impressed with this display. The Japanese really do know how to do fireworks.



As we sat there eating ice cream and popcorn, I was in complete in awe of these fireworks exploding with colour. Fireworks back home in London are only s0-so, and I was absolutley mesmerised by these ones.



Trying to decide which setting to have my camera on for taking photographs was difficult as you don’t know what is coming next, and how big the fireworks will be. I did a lot of long exposure shots and a few normal ones too.



It may not have been Tokyo’s biggest fireworks display, but I really enjoyed myself. Some of my friends went to the Sumida River event, but because it is held in central Tokyo there wasn’t really any space to sit down and they ended up standing for the whole thing. Also, they didn’t really get a clear view of the fireworks since there are a lot of high-rise buildings in that area of Tokyo. I couldn’t decide which event to go to, but I’m glad I chose the Tachikawa one in the end 🙂


Hope you enjoyed looking at the photos!

Thank you for reading!

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