Lavender ice-cream on a beautiful flower farm, Hokkaido – Day 356

The second half of the bus tour I went on while I was in Hokkaido took us to Tomita Farm in Furano.



Furano in Hokkaido is famous for its lavender, and it is a very popular destination during the summer months as that is when the lavender is in full bloom. The best place to see the lavender is supposedly at Tomita Farm, and it did not disappoint.

DSCF3098 DSCF3099

However, we visited the farm in late August and so there were some fields of lavender that looked a bit sad as the flowers had already bloomed and died. The peak season for viewing is July so only a few fields that were still in bloom were left. There were plenty of other flowers to see though!


As you can guess, there were plenty of other tourists taking photos of the flowers. There were some areas where people were queuing to take photos, just to get that perfect shot with the lavender!

Lavender and beyond

Lavender and beyond

DSCF3107Even the workers were wearing purple!

DSCF3103Apart from the flower fields, they have small shops dotted all over the farm where you can buy lots of products containing lavender.

We had already decided that we were going to have some lavender ice cream before we had even boarded the bus in the morning after looking up the farm the night before! The ice cream was so good that we decided to try some melon flavour ice cream too…

Lavender ice cream

Lavender ice cream

Melon ice cream

Melon ice cream

It is such a beautiful sight, seeing all these flowers. I’m so happy that we managed to catch the lavender right at the end of the season.




That concludes our first bus tour in Hokkaido! Look out for my food blog post on all the things I ate while I was there 🙂

Purple mopeds!

Purple mopeds!

Thank you for reading!

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One thought on “Lavender ice-cream on a beautiful flower farm, Hokkaido – Day 356

  1. This is lovely! Ive only had lavender ice cream once but I still remember how yummy it was 🙂

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