6000 candles to celebrate the end of summer – Day 358

It’s already the end of August!

And what better way to celebrate the last night of summer than by going to a park full of lit candles on a cool evening.

That’s exactly what I did yesterday (30th August) although some may say that today is the “last night” of summer!



Hodogaya Park in Kanagawa was the host for this lovely event, about 40 minutes away from Shinjuku. This is just an evening where they light thousands of candles (over 6000 this year) and place them along the paths in the park to create a beautiful display.


I don’t think there is any sort of religious/historical meaning to this as I couldn’t find anything online so it must be a fairly new event. Anyway, I went to this event on a whim, having spent the earlier part of the day in Shinjuku and since I had nothing planned in the evening I thought I’d pop along to this event.


I’m so glad I did, as this turned out to be one of my favourite events that I have attended since being in Japan!


I arrived at Hodogaya station at around 7pm and took a 10 minute bus ride to the park. Upon arrival, you can see the candles lined up as you walk down the stairs to the viewing area.DSCF3422

It was such a magical sight. The warm glow from so many candles makes you feel so relaxed.

Yet I kinda had an adrenaline rush as I whipped out my camera and started taking photos. This was a good photo opportunity so I went a bit crazy, trying to be arty farty, haha!DSCF3427

In addition to the candles, there were music performances and they also had fire dancers performing too. I didn’t see the fire dancers, but I caught the end of the last music performance. It was really entertaining and the ambience was really chilled and laid back.

Music Performance

Music Performance


I wish you were there with me to see this. Seeing all these candles in real life is much more different than looking at my photos.

The weather was also perfect; not humid at all, cool but not windy and the sky was clear.

Food stalls

Food stalls


Did I forget to mention that this was a FREE event? Yes, FREE!

A wonderful evening, which left me with a bitter-sweet feeling as it reminded me that I have less than two weeks left in Japan!

The end of summer has come, and soon my time here will come to an end too. Going to squeeze in a few more posts before I leave!


Thank you for reading!

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One thought on “6000 candles to celebrate the end of summer – Day 358

  1. absolutely amazing!

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