My last blog post in Japan – Day 370

364 days later, my year abroad in Japan is about to end in approximately 11 hrs.

My hands are shaking as I write this post as I’m overwhelmed with emotion. It’s 5am in Japan and my flight back home to London is at 4pm – I should be sleeping right now but I’ve just come back from a 9hr karaoke session with my flat mates so I’m still buzzing!

It’s funny to think that I arrived in Japan last year on the 13th September 2013 and I’m basically leaving a whole year later (12th September 2014).

I wasn’t really sure what to do as my last post and I haven’t had much time to think about it since I’ve been packing, and I’ve had to do a lot of admin stuff with at the local city hall.

But I thought I would pick out my favourite photos for each month that I’ve been here. ENJOY!

SEPTEMBER – Fresh start


Me and my bike!

Me and my bike, AKA my new best friend for the year!


Making new friends

OCTOBER – Settling in


My part time job at the tearoom/ my surrogate family

Bicycles Galore

Getting used to the student life in Japan

Poor Spider man

Dorm parties- Halloween!

NOVEMBER – Autumn Colours



DECEMBER – Celebrations


21st Birthday


Christmas in Japan

JANUARY – New Year shenanigans


Japanese New Years traditions

Me having a go at pounding the mochi!

Making mochi

Me in my kimono!!

Wearing a kimono – coming of age ceremony

FEBRUARY – Half way there


University trip to Nagano- snow monkeys


E Building food table!

End of first semester, farewell party

MARCH – Springtime in bloom


Cherry blossoms



Hanging out with friends

APRIL – Family time

Mid morning shot

Travelling – Mt. Fuji

By the sulphuric hot springs

Family in Japan 🙂

MAY – Round two of studying


Work hard, play hard

Approaching sunrise

Tokyo Night Walk

JUNE – Getting warmer


University activities



JULY – Matsuri galore

Actual selfie from when I was trying on the yukata haha

My yukata!


Tanabata Matsuri


Mitama Matsuri

Waiting for the train to Tachikawa!

Going to a fireworks display, Japanese style

AUGUST – Travelling and exploring Japan

Kabira bay


Manta rays literally swimming underneath me!

Scuba diving and snorkelling

Ready for my first session of the day!


Travelling with my brother

A non-smelly deer! Haha

Kyoto/ Nara


In Hokkaido


SEPTEMBER – Wrapping up

Making my way to the summit

Hiking the Kanto mountain ranges

Stuffing as much Japanese food into me as possible

Stuffing as much Japanese food into me as possible

Last night in Japan - 9 hr karaoke session!

Last night in Japan – 9 hr karaoke session!

Without a doubt, this has been the best year of my life so far and I will never forget all the wonderful experiences I have had. I’ve met so many amazing people who have helped me to grow into a better person, and I’ve learnt so much as an individual not just academically but socially as well.

Although it has at times been a bit tiresome, I’m so glad that I have managed to keep this blog going for the entire duration of my year abroad and now I can proudly look back at my achievements.

I will be doing a blog post once I get back to London. I have to wrap this post up now as I have to leave for the airport in about 6hrs.

I hope you enjoyed this summary of my year abroad.

As always, thank you for reading!!

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4 thoughts on “My last blog post in Japan – Day 370

  1. Fantastic photo to start the post. It could be the cover of your book.

    Thank you for sharing all the great photos : )

  2. I was amazed travelling virtually with you, dear Olivia! I’m sure you had a really special time in Japan. Someday, I hope i could go there 1 year through my studies and blogging like you, sharing my experiences along the time. You are now richer with lots of memories, new friends, new sensations. A dream came true!

  3. Treasure those experiences. Good thing you blogged about Japan. Your next move in life?

  4. You look so cute! Now you have so many memories.

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